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Edition 5                                                                                                                                                                                                       Spring 2005
Chris J. Batha

      In this edition of The Gazette, I have included advice on end-of–the-season gun maintenance and some encouragement to practice during the off-season.

     The Gazette continues to expand as we add The Exchange and Mart Section for our subscribers, plus we’ve got some great trips planned around our High Definition Television Shoots.
     I write this while in the UK where the first daffodils, the first cuckoo and the first caravans on the motorway heading South tell me it’s officially Spring.
    The Shows and Side-by-Side Competitions come thick and fast at this time of year. The first of the season is The Southern Side by Side at Deep River Sporting Clays in Sanford, NC, three days of friendly competiton and entertainment for the connoisseur of fine guns.
     I hope to see you there or at one of the other Shows. As always, remember to shoot safely, shoot straight and shoot often!

-Chris Batha

Table of Contents

Television Programs & Trips
Schedule of Schools & Shows
Page 2
CLA Game Fair, Trips to Spain
Page 3
Trips to Oregon and Maine
Page 4
Trips to Scotland
Page 5

In The Gun Room
Charles Boswell .410, Eley Shells
Page 6
Famars Shotguns
Page 7
Chris Batha Signature Sporting Gun
Page 8
The Gun List
Page 9
Spring Cleaning, Clenzoil
Page 10

A Few More Good Things
The Exchange & Mart
Page 11
British Sporting Arms Ltd.
Page 12
Sporting Wood Designs
Page 13
The Sportsman’s Gallery
Page 14
“Blues, Bobs and Blobs”
Page 15
Breaking Clays
Page 16

“Wing Shooting the World with Chris Batha”
13 Programs Shooting in High Definition
for National Television!

     I have just signed the contract with the North American Media Group to make thirteen television shows in 2005- 2006 under the title “Wing Shooting the World with Chris Batha”.
      These TV shows, made in the High Definition format, will be filmed worldwide and I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join me on these Most Excellent Adventures!

TV cameraEach show will feature a different species of Sporting Game Birds and will have a high instructional content as well as give a comprehensive over-view of each location, its history and the strategy of hunting each species.

This is an opportunity to visit those places you’ve always wanted to shoot, at the best time of each Season, at the best Lodges, under the best possible circumstances!

TV image

In addition, every wing shooter who joins us on one of these trips will be given a personal copy of the show in which they participate. You will get to see yourself make those spectacular shots over and over again!
Each of the thirteen episodes will be broadcast three times during 2006, then the series will be followed by the release of the “Wing Shooting the World with Chris Batha” Instructional DVD and, ultimately, the book of the same title.

shooting imageWe have already begun to book these trips and spaces are limited. So take a look at the schedules and let us know as soon as you can, the one(s) on which you choose to go.

In 2005 we go to:

• Argentina in April for Dove and Pigeon

• Northern Scotland in August and September for Driven Grouse and Walked-up Game Birds

• Oregon in October for Pheasant, Quail, Chukar and Hungarian Partridge

• Maine in October for Woodcock and Ruffed Grouse

• Southwest Scotland in November for Partridge, Pheasant, Duck, Geese and Rough Shooting over dogs
In 2006 we go to:

• Texas in January for Blue Quail and Bob Whites

• Georgia in February for Snipe and Quail

• Spain in March for Driven Partridge

• Mexico in April for dove

• Africa in July for Francolin, Guinea Fowl, Pigeon, and Duck

• Hungary in November for Driven Pheasant

For reservations call 1-866-254-2406 or e-mail Chrisbatha@aol.com.

If you would like a subscription to The Gazette,
E-mail: sdgump@hargray.com or see page 16
for downloadable form.

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Copyright 2005 Chris Batha. All rights reserved.