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Edition 8                                                                                                                                                                                                    Spring 2007
Chris J. Batha

     First! My sincere apologies for the lapses in the publication of The Gazette! When I committed to do the series of television shows, "Wingshooting The World with Chris Batha", I never realized the time commitment it would demand! Too many balls in the air, I'm afraid! But with this issue, normal Quarterly publication is resumed.
      All you loyal subscribers to The Gazette who have shown your support will get two additional issues to make up for the short-fall.
      That said, the Fall and Winter Shooting is behind us, and we are now looking forward to trips to Points South (South America, that is), as well as to a Spring and Summer of practice to keep sharp for this Fall.
As always "Shoot Safe, Shoot Straight and Shoot Often"!

-Chris Batha

Table of Contents

Pigeon and Dove in Argentina
Page 1
Schedule of Schools & Shows
Page 2
A Most Excellent African Adventure
Page 3
Ballywalter Park, Northern Ireland
Page 4
Paraguay, The Perfect Place for Pigeon
Page 6
Combining Physicians' Seminars with
Hunting and Wing Shooting
Page 7
The Wingshooting Watch
Page 7
Heritage Guns for the Modern Sportsman
Page 8
The H & H Royal Over & Under
Page 8
Beretta's New Small Bores-Part I
Page 9
Rushing Ruins Rhythm!
Page 11
Molly's Pond
Page 12
Kessler Canyon
Page 12
Artists of England
Page 13
Millbrook Gallery
Page 14
Mozingo Jewelry
Page 14
A Few Good Things
Page 15
TV Show, Book & DVD
Page 16

Pigeons and Dove in Argentina!

         This year we are going to a new and highly-recommended Estancia in Salta, Argentina.
      With Pigeon in the mornings and Dove in the afternoons, this promises to be an experience that encompasses what we are all looking for: quantity, quality and variety of spectacular Wing Shooting.

Doves in flight

      This is the only outfitter in the area, so, unlike Cordoba, there is no real pressure on the Pigeon and Dove population. There are two types of pigeon: Spot-winged and Picazuro - these and the Eared Dove flourish here in incredible numbers
      Shooting takes place in a variety of locations, near the roosts, on the edges of fields, next to the river bottom and over water holes. Depending on the conditions for pigeon, for example, you may be pass-shooting or shooting over decoys.

     Doves in hand

      On a typical day, you would leave the Estancia for the shooting locations and shoot in the morning followed by lunch, usually in the field: grilled steaks, sausages, ribs, robust wines, green salads and fresh breads. After a siesta or just a rest, you return to the fields for dove shooting until the evening.

      The Salta Lodge offers private rooms, with all the charm of a Country Manor, but with modern comfort and convenience. The dining is uniformly terrific featuring the famous Argentina Beef, local specialties, Game dishes and, of course, the wonderful Argentina wines. A professional Massage Therapist is available to relax and reinvigorate tired limbs and sore shoulders!

Great room

      Salta is unique in offering a wide array of activities for the non-shooter, both near the Estancia and in the City of Salta.

Front view of Estancia

To make reservations call:
1-866-254-2406 or
E-Mail ChrisBatha@aol.com

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If you would like a subscription to The Gazette,
E-mail: sdgump@hargray.com

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Copyright 2007 Chris Batha. All rights reserved.