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“Second time at the range since Chris’ instruction I ran 25 straight again. Thanks again for the help.

-George Brown

“You are correct, those birds do not fly backwards! I appreciate your instruction and as you can imagine, I will be working very hard to correct and perfect the technique.

-J. Basil Mattingly

Are you interested in hosting a shooting school?
If you are a premier shooting facility located near or within one hour of a major city/destination in the USA, Chris Batha would be pleased to talk to you about hosting a shooting school. There are many packages and options possible. Check the listing of previous venues and feel free to contact them for references. An extensive mailing list for your hosting area can be provided to add to your own to ensure a full school of eager participants. For further information, please contact

"Thank you so much for all you did in hosting the shooting school here. The ones that attended all had very positive comments and would like to attend another one."        
                              -Debi Mills
                              Rough Creek Lodge
                              Glen Rose, Texas

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