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New Video • One Day Schools • custom Gunfittings

DVD cover


A Unique Approach to the Instructional Video with Chris Batha and Bruce Scott

Learn to follow your instincts with Chris Batha, Chief Instructor and Gunfitter for Churchill Gunmakers and Bruce Scott of the Shotgun Journal. Their combination of classic wingshooting techniques and proven clay - busting tips is packed with technical and practical information. Churchill and Stansbury styles plus the three major techniques are demonstrated with the "EYE CAM" on the layouts, high towers and grouse butts of the Churchill Shooting Grounds, London, England.
If you are serious about improving your individual style and skill level, don't miss "Mastering the Double Gun". For the Wing Shooter who shoots clays, for the Clay Shooter who hunts.
Every missed shot, no matter your experience, is caused by a breakdown in the fundamentals. Mastering these fundamentals is the secret to straight shooting. Once learned, they can be built upon by the individual to develop his or her own personal style. This new video is not about how Chris and Bruce shoot, or anyone else, but a distillation of the lessons learned from over thirty years of instruction in wing and clay shooting worldwide and a lifelong passion for fine guns. Learn to follow your "instincts" with this unique approach to shooting excellence.

• The Instinctive Shot: The components and mechanics...

• Technique Analysis: Strengths and weak nesses, target to target application of pull away, pass through and constant lead

• Target Tactics for Wing and Clay: Establishing lead by speed, angle, and distance

• Classic Styles: Explanation, comparison and development of Churchill, Stansbury and Lancaster

• The New Eye Cam Technology: Shows lead pictures and techniques for wing and clay targets

• The Fundamentals: Footwork, stance, posture, head position and gunmount

• Gun Fit: Individual requirements, length, drop, cast and impact testing.

• Choosing Your Double Gun: Side by Side or Over and Under, advantages of double or single triggers, barrel length and gauge, differing stocks and forends

• Buying a Pre-owned Gun: Essential checks for lock, stock and barrels

• Correct Gun Handling: Safety, equipment and etiquette

• The Side by Side: The barrel plane concept, barrel flex, angled recoil, grip and much more

• Loading: Individual, single gun and the "The Two Gun Tango"

To order your copy please send a check for $64.95 (specifying VHS or DVD) to Chris Batha Shooting Schools, 43 Pinckney Colony Road, Okatie SC 29909-4100. Shipping is included.
E-mail sdgump@hargray.com

One Day Shooting schools

It is indeed a busy world we live in; with this in mind, for 2004 I am introducing a One Day School format, maximum four students, at $550.00 per person per day.

This school will cover safety and etiquette,fundamentals, gunmount, techniques and target tactics for both the wing and clay shooter. Informative classroom sessions, together with video analysis, are used throughout the day to support the on-course instruction.


Savannah, Georgia
Home of the Chris Batha Shooting School

At my home base in Savannah, GA, I can also offer 90-minute, one-on-one personal lessons for $225.00 or, if shared with two students, $325.00.

These sessions can be taken individually or as a series to sharpen up and improve your skills for European Driven Bird Shooting, US Upland Bird Shooting or to maximize your clay-busting performance.

Custom Gunfitting

In Savannah I can also offer custom gunfitting with try gun and pattern plate for $300.00, in addition, I can make most alterations your gun may require.

Note: These slots are in high demand and I recommend an early booking for an appointment.

To make Reservations Call:

or E-mail:

Best Guns

Chris Batha represents some of the best European and American Shotgun manufacturers: E.J. Churchill, A&S, Kemen, Grulla, AYA, Arrietta, B. Rizzini, Galazan, A.H. Fox, Ithaca and Model 21's.
He also offers these preowned guns:

James Purdey - a l2g, SLE Pigeon self opener, classic rose and bouquet scroll engraved, side clips and concealed third bite, 30" barrels pigeon rib and choked full and full, totally refurbished including restocking and rehardening by the makers. It is in as-new condition with beautiful figuring. 15 LOP. $40,000.00
James Purdey - a l2g. 1958 over and under, one of the first on the Woodward action, two barrel set with 26 inch and 28 inch barrels, retaining 75 percent original colour and crisp rose and bouquet scroll engraving, well-figured stock and forend - a rare and original gun. $60,000.00.
Bertuzzi - 2Og over and under sidelock, one of the worlds best made guns, 95 percent single trigger, 28 inch barrels, superb game scene engraving brush finished with goldinlays of grouse, woodcock and pheasant, 14 7/8" LOP of superb wood, finished with heel and toe plates in its makers case. $28,500.00.

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