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Doug Turnbull
The Gun List

     When he founded his business in 1982, Doug Turnbull never guessed it would grow to become the pre-eminent gun Restoration Company in the USA. With a staff of 10, located in Bloomfield, NY, Turnbull Restorations specializes in the accurate re-creation of Historical metal finishes on period firearms.
      From polishing to final finish, they can do bone charcoal case hardening as well as charcoal blue, rust blue and nitre blue finishes.
      Doug Turnbull says, "Every time we restore a firearm, a little piece of me travels back with it to the owner. I take great pride in knowing that the "new-again" gun will now serve yet another generation ..."

WinchesterThe award winning Winchester 1886 .50 Express Rifle

     As a natural off-shoot of the Restoration aspect of the business, they also offer a selection of beautifully restored period shotguns, handguns and rifles.
      Turnbull's Winchester 1886 .50 Express Rifle won The Best Upgrade Award at this year's Gold Medal Concours d'Elegance of Fine Guns held at The Vintage Cup at Orvis Sandanona, Millbrook, NY in September. The rifle was converted to takedown, re-stocked, engraved, carved and re-finished.
      If you would like some "award winning" work done to your favorite gun, call Turnbull Restorations at
585-657-6338 or
e-mail: turnbullrest@mindspring.com.

New from Steve Sidki: 011-44-1474-812690  www.gunstockblanks.co.uk
New Perugini Visini 12g O/U Sporting Clays/Trap guns. Available in  30" or 32" barrels , all with exhibition grade wood and all superbly engraved by master engraver Claudio Tomasoni. Some guns are yet to be engraved and can be engraved to your taste. Drop out trigger group . I will also supply an extra trigger group. Choked Full and 3/4".

Perugini Visini

plain stocks

Price  $ 19,000 US
For more info. contact  Steve SIDKI  Tel: 011-44-1474-812690  or visit  www.gunstockblanks.co.uk


We have asked some of our trusted friends and respected dealers to send us a selection of the finest guns they have for sale. If any catch your eye, please contact the party directly. We offer this only as a service to our customers, friends and fellow-dealers.

The following listings from Fieldsport 231-933-0767

Winchester Model 21, Grade 3, Deluxe Trap, Circa 1931 12 Ga. 2 3/4" Briley Chokes, 32 inch vent. rib barrels, SST, EJ, PG, beavertail, 14 1/2" LOP to original Winchester pad, 8 lbs. 3 oz., excellent condition! Asking $12,995.00. Call Fieldsport at 231-933-0767.

Marcel THYS A&D Boxlock 20 Ga., 2 3/4" Choke, full & full, 28 inch barrels, DT, EJ, SG, beavertail, 15 inch LOP, 5 lbs 14 oz., game scene and scroll engraving, excellent condition. Asking $19,995.00. Call Fieldsport at 231-933-0767.

EJ. Churchill Premier Round Body 0/U 20 Ga., 2 3/4" Teague chokes, 30 inch barrels, SNST, EJ, Prince of Wales grip, field, 15 1/8 LOB 6 lbs. 6 oz., Current retail $72,000.00 and 2 year wait. Asking $58,000.00. Call Fieldsport at 231-933-0767.

From: K. Duglan at 011-44-1582-842280 or e-mail AGLKen@aol.com.

Henry Atkin Ltd. 12 Bore, spring opening, sidelock ejector, 28 inch chopper lump barrels, 2 1/2" inch chambers, bored right imp/cyl., left 1/4 choke. 14 1/2" inch straight hand, well-figured stock to a chequered end. Full bouquet and scroll engraving, 6 lbs 5 oz., incl. Maker's leather case. Asking $21,600.00. Shipping, handling and import taxes not included. Call K. Duglan at 011-44-1582-842280 or e-mail AGLKen@aol.com.

Stephen Grant & Sons 12 Bore, round bodied, sidelever, sidelock ejector, 30 inch steel barrels, 2 3/4" inch chambers. Bored right imp. Cyl., left 1/4 choke. New 15 1/2 LOP highly figured straight stock to a chequered end. Gold oval, classic Grant fine scroll engraving with fluted fences, 7 lbs 7 oz. An ideal Sporting Clays Gun. Asking $15,930.00. Shipping, handling and import taxes not included. Call K. Duglan at 011-1582-842280 or e-mail AGLKen@aol.com

David McKay Brown 20 Bore, round action ejector, 27 inch barrels, 2 3/4" inch chambers. Bored right 1/4, left 3/4 choke, 14 7/8 LOP, Highly figured walnut straight stock, scroll engraved with some gold inlay. Full case color finish, maker's name in gold. 5 lbs l3 oz. Maker's leather case, Superb condition, very little used. Asking $30,600.00. Shipping, handling and import taxes not included. Cal K. Duglan at 011-1582-842280 or e-mail AGLKen@aol.com.

New Henry Atkin 12 Bore, best quality boxlock ejector, 26 inch barrels, 2 3/4" inch chambers, bored as required. 15 1/4" straight stock, gold oval, scalloped back, action. Deep scroll engraving inlayed with two gold quails each side. Full color hardened action, 5 lbs. 9 oz. With new lightweight leather case. Asking $25,200.00 with VAT. Shipping, handling and import taxes not included. Call K. Duglan at 011-44-1582-842280 or e-mail AGLKen@aol.com

Pair of Boss & Co, Rare and Superb 20 Bore, assisted opening , single trigger, sidelock ejectors, 26 inch barrels, 2 3/4" inch chambers, bored right 1/4, left 1/2 choke. 15 1/2 inch LOB highly-figured straight stock to chequered end. Gold ovals, Boss-style bouquet and scroll engraving, 60 percent color. 5 lb. 7 oz., Maker's leather case. Asking $135,000.00 Shipping, handling and import taxes not included. Call K. Duglan at 011-44-1582842280 or e-mail AGLKen@aol.com.

Matched Pair of Henry Atkin 12 Bore, spring-opening, sidelock ejectors, 29 inch steel barrels, 2 3/4 inch chambers, bored right 1/4, left 1/2 choke. 14 1/2" LOP straight , highly figured walnut stocks to horn heel plates. Gold ovals, full bouquet and scroll engraving, 100 percent case color. 6 lbs 9 oz, Maker's double oak and leather case. Asking $36,000.00. Shipping, handling and import taxes not included. Call K. Duglan at 011-44-1582-842280 or e-mail AGLKen@aol.com.

Below listings from:
Erickson and Erickson 480-948-1644 www.gameguns.com

American Trade:
Granite Mountain Arms: Double square bridge Mauser action in 416 Rigby. Quarter rib with one standing sight. Oil finish stocks with fairly straight grain. (The ultimate gentleman’s rifle for Africa). $9250.
Granite Mountain Arms: Same gun as above in 460 Weatherby and slightly higher finished wood. $7450.
Marlin Firearms Co. - New Haven, Ct. USA: Ballard's Patent (Nov. 5, 1861) Reflecting 30 inch 1⁄2 Oct. 1⁄2 Rd. Stevens - Pope Barrel chambered for 22 Long Rifle. Known as the "Off-Hand Model" when produced, this was intended for European-style target shooting popular in the eastern USA. Engraved on the flat's of the case hardened receiver are antlered deer (One standing on right and one running on left) surrounded by Victorian scroll; typical of Ulrich's work, however "un-signed". Highly figured & checkered Circassian walnut stocks with "German" (Swiss) style nickel butt, cheek piece and a nickel plated hook-pattern shoulder plate, as standard fittings. Single checkered trigger and a loop lever. Marked on the left octagon flat of the barrel is "Stevens - Pope." Manufactured by the Stevens Arms & Tool Co. Chicopee Falls, Mass. USA. Atop the barrel is mounted a period Winchester A-5 optic with ultra-fine reticle and dot. Excellent bore. (Consignment )  $9000.
Winchester: Model 1873 (2nd Model) 44-40. Factory letters as Deluxe pistol grip, checkering and a set trigger. 1⁄2 round barrel and button magazine. Received in 1882. Tang is marked 2x for the wood. 100 percent original and ultra, ultra rare in this near mint condition.   $28500.
Rifles, Inc: Winchester model 70 stainless action with 26” St. St. bbl in 270 Weatherby. Synthetic stock in desert camo pattern. Leupold 4.5x14 optic. (As New). Ultra-litte !!! $3295.
Kimber of Oregon: Model 84 standard in .223 Remington. Rings/bases. (Mint). $1295.
Remington: Model 700 (Left Hand) in 375 HH. Custom built with H&S Precision stock, Atkinson bbl, Sako extractor, Burris optics, and all metal surfaces Teflon coated. Ready for Alaska. $1575.
Winchester: Model 1886 in 40-82 Win. Factory letter states: deluxe pistol grip, checkered with 1⁄2 round barrel. Tang marked 2x for wood. Received in 1888. Original letter stated as above but “Carbine”. Sights letter and are a Beecher front and a Military Wind Gauge rear. This is the only documented useage of a Military wind gauge sight on an octagon barrel ever built by Winchester !!!  $17500.
Winchester: Set of Four “Fajen Classic” Shot Show Special’s - Pre-64 new model 70 rifles 270, 30-06, 7mag, 300 Win, and one “Fajen Classic” Model 52 rifle in 22 LR. Birdseye maple stocks. All unfired in boxes. (Sold as a set of five only).
$ 13,000. (Consignment).
L.C. Smith: 16 bore (2 5/8”) Sidelock, non-ejector with 28” barrels. Field Grade by Hunter Arms Co. Nice solid stocks with good remaining finish. Action shows some pitting and freckling. Barrels clean and very shootable. Some remaining case colours.  $849.

Other Fine Guns:
Sako Forester “Bofors Steel” 243 Win. (Excellent) $1295.
Browning Model 12 (Japan) 28 bore 26” bbl. Grade V. 99percent No box. $1095. (Two each).
Winchester Model 63 (Japan) .22 LR (New in Box) $600.
Browning Auto-22 “Transition” Japan Mfg engraved in Belgium. Grade III Signed “Magis” (Box) $2650.
Winchester Model 52 “Sporter” .22 LR. w/ Weaver K 2.5 optic. $2295.
Browning Auto-22 Japan Mfg. Grade III w/ Box $1495.

Vintage Cases & Related Accessories:
#V275 – Purdey “Oak & Leather” hammerless case - 30” Bbls. Lovely railroad labels. Excellent. $1795.
#V259 – Joseph Lang & Son heavy leather w/ brass corners case for 28” bbls. Very tidy. $995.
#V260 – Stephen Grant & Joseph Lang “Oak & Leather” for 28” bbls. Nearly New. Beautiful. $1425.
#V261 – Charles Hellis heavy leather w/ brass corners. Amazing interior / orig. label. 26-30” bbls. $1095.
#V262 – Watson Bros heavy leather case for 28” bbls. Lovely label and deep blue interior. $895.
#V214 - Westley Richards & Co. heavy leather for 30 1⁄2” bbls. Nice original label and lovely dark green baize interior. Replacement handle and straps. $500.
#V217 - R. Ramsbottom of Manchester labeled heavy leather with brass corners for 30” bbls. Will fit a 16 or 20 bore hammergun. Nice red baize interior. $500.
#V221 - Westley Richards & Co. labeled oak & leather for 30” bbls. Excellent original labels. Overall as good as you can find for a vintage Westley. Lovely dark bronze patina. $1100.
#V226 - Crockart & Sons – Scotland original labeled heavy leather with brass corners. Lid embossed “J.W.Tweedie – Jaipur, Assam”. 30” bbls. w/ key. $995.
#V245 – Westley Richards “Brady” case green with leather trim. 30” bbls. Leather label. $500.
#V233 - Holland & Holland “Pair” oak & leather for 30” bbls. 3 orig. labels. Blue interior. $1095.
#V234 - Stephen Grant labeled “Pair” oak & leather for 28” bbls. Lid embossed G.H.L. with original canvas cover. The Finest in our showroom !!! $1895.
#V148 – Joseph Lang “Pair” heavy leather w/ brass corners. Lid embossed “G.C. Holderness – 5th Fusiliers”. Original red baize interior with some minor moth damage. $1000.
#V99 – Cogswell & Harrison “Pair” for 30” bbls. Heavy case with re-lined interior and repo label. $995.
#V263 – Unlabeled extra heavy leather case for 28” bbl. Re-lined interior. “Double Rifle”. $775.
#V213 - Unlabeled heavy leather for 28 1⁄2” bbls. Lid embossed “S.A.S.”. Rough exterior, weak corners, but still very useable. $400.
#V219 - Unlabeled heavy leather for 29” bbls. Lid embossed “H. Hartley”. Pleasing dark patina. Fading blue baize interior. $450.
#V222 - Unlabeled “lightweight” leather for 30 1/2” bbls. Original dark green baize lining and no label. Some moth damage. Original key. $500.
#V266C – Leg-O-Mutton that is quite possibly Elephant hide ? Overall excellent condition. $195.
#V267C – Vintage “Elliott” style case in wonderful original condition. $295.
#V268C – Leg-O-Mutton embossed “Redhead” in gold. Hand tooled near perfect overall. $295.
#V269C – Leg-O-Mutton with no embossed name or maker. Very plain, excellent condition $249.
#V271 – “Brady” style case for a Pair of doubleguns. Unfinished interior, so fit as you desire. $125. We also maintain an extensive inventory of vintage related gun accessories to include: turnscrews, chamber brushes, ivory & bone striker pots, faceted glass and pewter oil bottles, snap caps, ebony rods, cartridge magazines, dog whistles, hook extractors, etc. Stocking dealers for British Rangoon Oil.

Visit our extensive website at www.gameguns.com for full details and photographs of our fine guns.


Please mention where you saw these listings when contacting the Sellers.

Below listings from:
Erickson and Erickson480-948-1644 www.gameguns.com

W.R.Pape - Newcastle: 12 bore, boxlock, ejector with 28" sleeved Bbls. Cased. $7195.
Fox - Sterlingworth 12 bore by Savage Arms. 30" bbls. (Nice, clean,
original). 1595.
L.C. Smith 12 bore. Fine engraving of quail and woodcock (Unknown Model) $3495.
Parker "VH" 12 bore w/ 30" bbls. (Superb orig condition). Dogs head butt. $2550.
Fox Sterlingworth 20 bore by Savage Arms. 26" bbls. (Two in stock) $1795.
L.C. Smith 12 bore "Specialty" (Two Bbl Set). Interesting gun. Call for
details. $3395.
Merkel Double Rifle Model 323E 7x65R w/ optics. (Stunning full sidelock). $11500.
Browning (Japan) Model 12 High Grade 28 ga. (Three in stock) Minty. $1095 ea.
Ithaca 4E (Two Bbl Set) 12 bore, vent ribs. (Call for additional specs). $3995.
Watson Bros - London. Double 577/450 back-action hammergun. Reduced to $6295.
Frank Malin - London/Ontario 20 bore boxlock, ejector 28" bbls. (Nice) $4195.
Kimber Model 84 in .223 w/ rings. (Mint). $ 1295.
Remington Model 700 LH in 375 HH. Custom rifle scoped. (Ready for Alaska) $1575.

Also added... see our site for details:
12 bore London sidelock by Charles Osborne
16 bore Edinburgh "Pair" by Joseph Harkom
28 bore London boxlock by Watson Bros
12 bore Edinburgh boxlock by John Dickson


Dusty M. Erickson, Pres.
Erickson & Erickson, Inc.
7950 E. Redfield, Suite 160
Scottsdale, AZ. 85260. USA.
Ph. 480-948-1644.
Fx. 480-948-1655.

London Trade:
Charles Osborne: 12 bore (2 1⁄2”) Sidelock, ejector with 30” steel barrels. Spectacular highly figured wood is built for the tall shooter at 15 1⁄4” LOP over an English leather pad. Choked .045” / .010”. Weight 6lbs. 14oz. Most original colour hardening on action, starting to fade in some areas. (Overall, a lovely double by a top maker). $7200. (Reduced to $5795).
Watson Bros: 28 bore (2 3⁄4”) Scalloped, boxlock, ejector (2 Bbl. Set). 26” IC/M and 26” M/F. Cased in heavy leather with canvas slip cover. 100 percent vivid original colour hardening and 99 percent bbl. blueing. Overall condition is nearly mint. “Ready for the grouse cover”. 4lbs. 14oz. Straight grip/Splinter forend. 14 1⁄2” LOP over Silver’s pad. $9800.
B. Halliday: 20 bore (2 1⁄2”) boxlock, non-ejector with 28” steel Bbls choked .018”/Cyl. Very tasteful gamescene engraving on a coin finish action. 5lbs. 11oz. Stocked in well figured walnut with good matching wood extension for an overall LOP of 15”. $3495.
Cogswell & Harrison: 16 bore (2 1⁄2”) boxlock, ejector with 27 1⁄2” steel barrels choked .017” / .010”. A very clean and well represented piece from one of Britain's long established makers. Light to moderate scroll and good shooting dimensions. $2995.
Joseph Lang: 12 bore (2 1⁄2”) Single barrel “Game-keepers” gun with 26” barrel. Fluted fences on a boxlock, ejector action. Some remaining colour hardening. Prince of Wales style grip. Original “violin” case with label. 5lbs. 6oz. LOP is 13 1⁄2” over Silvers pad. (1 3⁄4” x 3 1⁄2” x 1⁄2” cast off). $2095.
Cogswell & Harrison: 12 bore (2 1⁄2”) Boxlock, ejector “Avant Tout” model with 30” steel Bbls. Choked perfectly for an upland field gun at .011” / .006”. Weight 7lbs. 0oz. Overall a nice handling piece that would make any shooter happy. 15 3/8” LOP.
Army/Navy C.S.L: 12 bore (2 1⁄2”) Sidelock, non-ejector with 28” steel bbls. marked “New barrels by J. Venables - Oxford” and choked .033”/.024”. Action has a third bite and disk set strikers reflecting approximately 50 percent scroll engraving, dark silver in colour. Straight grain solid stocks with nice checkering. 14 5/8” LOP to a grooved butt. 1 3/8” x 1 7/8” x 1/16” cast off. Weight: 6lbs. 7oz. (A nice piece). $2795.
W. Jeffery & Son: 12 bore (2 1⁄2”) back-action, rebounding hammergun with 28” steel bbls. (Possibly replacements). Choked .037”/.011”. Straight hand stock of light figured wood at 14 5/8” LOP over leather covered pad. Rounded action body with minimal engraving. Dark patina colour. $2195.

Birmingham Trade:
Westley Richards: 12 bore (2 1⁄2”) Westleys’ name in “Gold”. Drop-lock, ejector with 30” steel barrels. Choked .043” / .012”. Gun was built in April 1902, returned to Westleys’ for new barrels in 1915 and once again returned in 1997 for a total restoration. 100 percent vivid case colours and 100 percent new condition overall. 6lbs. 11oz. Straight grip with Silvers pad. $10250.
D. Williamson: 12 bore (2 1⁄2”) sidelock, ejector. A very fine example of a beautiful sidelock with well executed ornate scroll surrounding bouquets of roses. 30” steel barrels choked .039” / .007”. Weight 6lbs. 8oz. Concave rib. Nicely figured original straight hand stock and splinter forend. (An excellent value). $5295.
J.V. Needham: 12 bore (2 1⁄2”) Needhams Patent Side-lever forward hammergun. 29” Nitro-proofed Damascus bbls. choked .028”/.029”. Nicely engraved action is an even dark English patina. Superb blood red stocks with black veins throughout. Straight grip/splinter forend. 14 1⁄4” LOP over steel buttplate. Cased. (6lbs. 4oz.). $5295.

Provincial Trade:
Robert Lisle – Derby: 12 bore (2 1⁄2”) sidelock, ejector. With its detailed engraving (Acanthus style deep scroll) and fine handling this rare and unusual gun should make a fine long term investment for the discerning shooter. Its 28” “Invisible” sleeved bbls. will offer many years of shooting pleasure.=$5995.
Williams & Powell – Liverpool: Very scarce and early 1860’s mfg. “Needle Fire” rifle in approx 38 caliber. “Rook rifle design” single shot. Engraved action with faint traces of colour. 24” Octagon barrel. $1495.

Scottish Trade:
John Dickson & Son – Edinburgh: 12 bore ( 2 1⁄2”) boxlock, ejector. (Very unique Patented ejector mechanism which articulates down into body of action). Scroll engraved and remains a nice patina colour. Excellent figured wood at 14 1/8” LOP. 30” Damascus Bbls have excellent wall thickness but are not Nitro proofed. Choked .035” / Cyl. (Very unique piece and lots of gun for the money). $3695.
Wm. Garden – Aberdeen: 12 bore (2 1⁄2”) boxlock, ejector with 28” steel barrels choked .040” / .013”. Weighs a delightful 6lbs. 3oz. Action is engraved in a deep floral pattern with “Acanthus Leaf” fences and retains good colour case. Straight grain pleasing stocks. 14 3/8” LOP to a grooved butt. (This is a nice field gun with plenty of special features that has never been messed with).  $3695.
Mortimer & Son – Edinburgh: 12 bore (2 1⁄2”) “Best Quality” boxlock, ejector with stunning 28” Damascus barrels. (London re-proof in 1993). Action exhibits 100 percent coverage of tight Victorian scroll and Makers name in banner. Highly figured stocks are blood red and have black veins throughout. 15 1/8” LOP over ebonite butt. Weight 6 lbs 6 oz. Cased in its original Makers oak and leather case with accessories. Choked .015” / .003. (Would be hard to find a nicer Scottish boxlock with these dimensions). $5595.
D. Gray & Co. – Inverness: 12 bore (2 3⁄4”) sidelock, ejector. This elegant yet simple Scottish “Best quality” sidelock is by a somewhat obscure maker. Please don’t let the name confuse you, as it is one of the finest highly engraved sidelocks we have offered. 100 percent coverage of tight Victorian scroll surrounding bouquets of Roses and still retaining all of its original colour hardening. Its superb 28” barrels have been recently re-proofed to 2 3⁄4” and retain chokes at .037”/.004” making it an ideal upland prospect. We have had this fine double restocked in exhibition quality Turkish walnut by the finest stockers in England. You will certainly admire the deep reds, ambers and black veins it has to offer. 6lbs. 6oz.  $7550.
Alex Martin – Glasgow: 12 bore (2 1⁄2”) boxlock, non-ejector. Plain action with no engraving but good remaining colour case. Top lever, double triggers, straight grip, splinter forend, pad. Choked .036” / .002”. Has 28” steel barrels and good bores. $1895.

European Trade:
Hinsch & Stiegert – Hamburg: 16 bore (2 3⁄4”) Deeply scalloped boxlock, non-ejector with 28 5/8” bbls. Stunning game scene engraving highlighting Black Cock and Partridge in forested scenes. Nicely figured stocks and crisp checkering. Choked .025” / .011”. Weight: 5lbs. 12oz. $3495.
J. DuChateau – Liege: 12 bore ( 2 1⁄2”) sidelock, ejector with 28” Acier Comprime Steel barrels choked .042”/.042”. Brilliant and stunning Mythical creature engraving by European Master Henri Leukers. Dark well defined stocks and crisp checkering. Gold plated internal locks and flawless wood to metal fit. (This piece has to be a “One of a Kind” piece of artwork). $10,500. (Sold)
Franz Sodia – Ferlach: 20 bore (2 3⁄4”) hand detachable “Best” Sidelock exhibiting game scenes, oak leaves and scroll. 28” bbls choked .025” / .025”. Three piece forend, pistol grip stock with cheekpiece. Great dimensions. Single trigger. Dated 1960. $7995.
Browning - Liege: 12 bore (2 3⁄4”) O/U Superposed “Lightning” model with 26 1⁄2” bbls. Long tang, square knob gun. 99+ percent original condition built in 1973 with orig box.
Browning – Liege: 12 bore ( 2 3⁄4”) O/U Superposed Custom. Very nicely re-stocked and hand engraved with rose and scroll patterns by P. Barbetti. 6 lbs. 12 oz. Leather covered pad at 14 7/8” LOP. Choked F/M. $1995.
Czech Mauser: Full stock original Brno Czech mauser in 7x57. Claw mounted Zeiss optic. Double triggers. Engraved floorplate with gold stag inlaid. Mfg. 1947. All matching. (Nice piece for the money). $2395.
Henri Pieper – Herstal, Belgium: 12 bore Modified Diana “Bar-action” hammergun with rebounding locks and Greener crossbolt. Game scene engraved. Exceptional tubes of the finest Damascus pattern with Makers name “twisted” within the tubes over 1500 times ! “The ultimate in Damascus patterns”. Monoblock marked “Grand Prize Paris Exhibition 1889”. 7lbs. 6oz. (Sold as a Pair Only).
Henri Pieper – Herstal, Belgium: 10 bore Diana “Bar-action” hammergun with massive 30 inch fine Damascus tubes originally sleeved within a Patented forged mono-block with integral lumps. 60 percent scroll engraving over the action with most remaining colour case hardening. 10lbs. 4oz. The ultimate Pair of guns for the Damascus barrel collector ! Full article, details and photographs in DGJ Spring 2003 Issue.  $32,000.
Merkel: 12 bore (2 3⁄4”) Hand detachable Sidelock O/U. Model 203 Luxus built in 1955. 28” barrels choked .040” / .028”. Hand carved straight grip stocks and three piece forend. Game scene engraved action Setters and Pheasants on left, Fox and Ducks on right. Highly figured wood. 7 lbs. 2 oz. (Lovely).
$ 6995.
A. Frohn – Suhl: 8.15 x 46R Schuetzen “target” rifle. Built on a Martini action, vase hardened but non-engraved. Highly embellished stocks with deep carved floral pattern and scrollwork, hook buttplate, peep sight. 28 1⁄2” fluted barrel. (Excellent example of an early Schuetzen by a well-known historical maker). $2395.
Krieghoff: 12 bore (2 3⁄4”) Boxlock, ejector Model K-80 “Sporting” with 28” bbls. Removable choke tubes. Raised vent rib. Adjustable pad. Single trigger. Excellent condition. Cased.   $6250.
Heym: O/U combo gun 30-06 / 20 bore scalloped boxlock, non-ejector. Game scene engraved, straight hand stock. Claw mounted Nickle Supra optic. $7995.
Merkel: 7x65R O/U Double rifle model 323 E. Stunning scroll engraving and hand detachable locks. Highly figured French walnut and tight checkering. Claw mounted 1.5 x 6 Zeiss optic. Three piece forend. $11500.
Merkel: 9.3 x 74R Sideplated, boxlock, ejector double rifle with 23 1⁄2 steel barrels. Game scene engraved. This is a recent mfg. Model 150-1.1 Near mint.  $7795.
Merkel: Two barrel set Model K-1 (Single shot) in 7x65R and 9.3x74R. Complete with Kahles 4x36 optic. Ultra-lite sheep rifle. (Mint). $5695.
C.T Perry by Neumann Bros - Liege: 16 bore (2 1⁄2”) sidelock, non-ejector with splendid game scene engraving. Traces of case colour remain in hidden areas. Prince of Wales grip, splinter forend. 28” Black powder proof Damascus barrels are fine condition and are tight to action. 5lbs. 9oz. Skeleton steel butt-plate. Wood shows heavy use but could be cleaned up. Stock measurements: 1 3⁄4” x 3” x 0” cast. LOP: 14”. $1895.

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