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The Tate Hammergun

Tate triggers     Tate gape

     Dale Tate's original concept was to create brand new hammerguns in the old style of the sidelock guns of the 1890's, complete with the word 'patent' on the top lever.
      An extractor double trigger gun, Tate's Hammergun is made using only the best English and American craftsmen on this side of the Atlantic to produce it. He has succeeded beyond all expectations!
      There are two lower priced models: The Vintager and The Concours.
     The new Vintager Model Hammergun starts at $7,500. The engraving is kept to a minimum in order to maintain the affordable price, but the internal parts receive the same amount of time and work as the more expensive versions which start at $18,000.

      The Concours, which has upgraded wood, can come with sideclips and has more embellishments, starts at $11,000.
      Chokes can be regulated to your specific choice of cartridge at an extra cost.


     The very first Vintager produced, a 30 inch, 12 gauge hammergun, won High Honors for a Hammergun at the Vintage Cup in Sandanona, New York last year, 2003, with Robert Shimmon shooting it.
      At the April 2003 Western Side by Side Championship at Camanche Hills, Daniel Graviet won the Hammergun Championship with a 28 inch, 12 gauge Tate Hammergun.

     The A Class winner in that same show was Willy Bruce also shooting a 28 inch, 12 gauge Tate. Bob Sadunajski won the B Class also with a Tate Hammergun. (It really helps to have good shooters, too!)
      Dale's idea was to make affordable hammerguns for people who are in love with hammerguns but don't want to deal with an old gun with an unknown provenance. This way they can shoot their hammerguns without any worries about old steel or malfunctioning parts, etc.
      For more information on the Tate Hammergun and his other Fine Guns, please contact Dale Tate at 209-763-9040. Look for the new web site: www.angloamericansport.com.

By Barbara Nyholm for
Anglo American Sport

Reliable Resources...

Cole Gunsmithing

     From time to time we all need something "done" to our guns.
     And it's hard to always know where to go for exactly what you want.
      Cole Gunsmithing and Doug Turnbull Restorations are two of the real professionals that we in the trade know do good work at a fair price and are fair and honest folks to deal with. We've asked them to give us an overview of their capabilities and specialties to add to your resource bank.

Turnbull workbench

      Located on the scenic coast of Maine, in Harpswell, Cole is a full service gun shop that has specialized in the repair and service of Beretta shotguns for over 20 years. For the discriminating side by side enthusiast Cole imports the F.lli Poli line of fine shotguns and also stocks the popular Beretta and B. Rizzini lines of sporting and field over/under shotguns. Additionally, they are now established as the National Service Center for B. Rizzini.
      With their new, state-of the-art hot oil stock-bending machine, Cole can do stock bending on virtually any make and model gun. They routinely cut and fit pads to adjust customers' length of pull, and do a beautiful job on leather covered pads. Stock refinishing and repair are also in the scope of work at Cole's.
      This year Cole added a new 4-Axis CNC Machining Center, and expanded into custom stock production for Beretta and B. Rizzini shotguns with plans to add

Krieghoff, Perazzi and some Browning shotguns as soon as feasible.
      With this new Machining Center, Cole will be able to provide true Custom dimensioned stocks in exceptional Turkish walnut. You, the customer, can choose your


stock blank and, by appointment, can even come watch your stock taking shape!
      So, if you need your Beretta or B. Rizzini repaired, are looking for a fine double, need your stock refinished/fitted or are in the market for a true Custom Wood Set, give Cole Gunsmithing a call at
(Fax: 207-833-5677;
e-mail: rc@colegun.com,
web: www.colegun.com)

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