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The Gazette
good news • good reading • grouse butt in pennsylvania


      In the course of my travels, I've come across some very good products, services and publications that may be of interest to you.
      I've asked some of the purveyors of those products to describe them for this edition of The Gazette.


      Brays Island Plantation in Sheldon, SC has always been known for its challenging and diversified Sporting Clays course. This summer, the course got even better.
      Greg Freeman, Gun Club manager, announced the addition of two new towers... one 20 footer and one 60 feet tall! The new towers have two traps each, providing a good variety of presentations. "We're excited about the possibilities," Freeman said. "We change the course around quite a bit as it is, but our members really enjoy a new challenge and these two towers will certainly provide that."
      Originally designed by Holland and Holland, the 12 Station Sporting Clays course already has four tower shots: one 61 foot, one 40 foot and two 12 footers at the "Duck Pond". Now the Sporting Clays can be set up as four different courses, keeping its regular shooters on their toes.
      The Brays Island Shooting Grounds also include a Skeet range, a Trap range and a Five Stand, all automatic and voice-activated, a rifle and pistol range, FITASC and an Archery range. The Club has an active array of programs beginning with the "Driven Grouse" event on "The Glorious 12th" of August, continuing with the Fall, Winter and Spring Leagues, and culminating in The Spring Invitational Shoot.
      In addition to the outstanding shooting facilities, Brays has set aside 3500 of their 5500 acres for quail and dove in their hunting and nature preserve they also have an equestrian center, tennis and an 18-hole golf course.
      If you are interested in visiting Brays Island and shooting the new course, call Brays Island Realty at 843-846-3170.

Shooting Sportsman

The Magazine of Wingshooting & Fine Guns

Shooting Sportsman

      As the magazine's mission statement says, Shooting Sportsman is "dedicated exclusively to Wingshooting & Fine Guns"... but that's really only the beginning of the story.
      Founded in 1987, Shooting Sportsman not only has grown in quality and circulation but, under the guiding hand of Editor-in-Chief Ralph Stuart, has expanded its horizons to "celebrate shooting traditions and the people who keep them alive."
       Open any recent issue (subscribers do save their copies... for years) and you'll find articles covering everything from upland gunning to waterfowling to


tips on shooting Sporting Clays. The birds, the dogs and the destinations that are the subjects of the intriguing and informative stories are always fascinating.
      The world's finest guns, gunmakers and engravers are favorite topics in every issue, as well. Many a latter-day "expert" has been educated by carefully scrutinizing these articles written by the real pros!
      In addition to the feature stories, regular columns on shooting, gear, hunting dogs, shotshells and, of course, "Technicana," by Michel McIntosh and David Trevallion, are real jewels in Shooting Sportsman's crown.
      But beyond their mission as a magazine, Shooting Sportsman and its staff have reached out to the world of wingshooters on a personal basis. They sponsor shows, participate in shooting events, and organize trips and seminars designed to engage the Wingshooting Enthusiast and make him and her feel a welcome part of a larger family-one whose "aim" is to enjoy the many aspects of the shooting sports.
      If you aren't already a subscriber, you can sign up at various shows or contact Deb Dodge at 800-666-4955 or visit www.shootingsportsman.com.

The Grouse Butt at Hill Country, Fairfield, PA features a 5 trap flurry that
is a favorite with Jeff and Kendra Kauffman. chris Batha designed this butt
to replicate the experience of shooting Driven Grouse in the UK.
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