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Good Glasses • good idea • good opportunity

     I first looked through the new Randolph Engineering ColorMag Technology lenses at the ShotShow last February. My first thought was WOW! My second thought was how in the world do these lenses work. Richard Waszkiewicz, President of Randolph Engineering, Inc., explained some of the fabrication processes to me that make these lenses so unique. I was so impressed looking through the lenses that I can't remember a single thing Richard told me. Fortunately it doesn't matter how they are made. What is important is Randolph's new Color Mag Technology (CMT) lenses amplify the eye's ability to see orange color 250 percent more than a standard lens of comparable transmission.


     Standard orange enhancing lenses highlight an orange target, but they also highlight the background making everything appear orange, not optimal. The CMT lenses amplify the eye's ability to see orange without affecting how other colors are seen.

The result is that orange targets literally appear to glow, making target acquisition easier.
      Randolph Engineering provided me with a pair of the CMT lens to try myself. I tried the lenses shooting ZZ birds and 5 stand. The targets were so bright and distinct that I felt like I had an unfair advantage. I let several other shooters try the lenses and without exception, all were ready to get their own.
      The CMT lenses sell for $69.95 and will fit existing Ranger frame sizes 68mm, 66mm and 62mm. If you are interested in ordering a set, please contact Doug Roberson at MacGregor Wing & Clay at 919-388-5888 or visit MacGregor Wing & Clay's web site at www.bestguntrader.com.

Chris Batha's Celebrity Endorsement!

Your Dream Can Come True!
Get Paid for doing what you love to do...

arrow ad      Those for whom Chris has fitted a gun recently have seen first-hand the advantages of using the Arrow Laser Shot. It is invaluable for starting the fitting indoors, in the case of pouring rain, extreme heat, freezing cold or a crowded Shooting Ground pattern plate. After a preliminary Laser Shot fit, usually less time needs to be spent shooting the pattern plate before getting an accurate final fit.
      The Arrow Laser Shot is also very useful in gun mounting drills and practicing one's swing in the privacy of one's own home.
      Chris's enthusiasm for the product came to the attention of the Arrow Laser Shot Company and they are now featuring him their ads! Can Budweiser be far behind?

For further information: www.arrow-laser-shot.com or 011-44-1252-860913.

            Every once in a blue moon, opportunity knocks... this must be a very blue one! A thriving Sea Duck Guide Service is for sale!
      Located on the Mid-Coast of Maine, this successful business is a turn-key operation with a fully-booked 2005 Season, a 15-year Customer Base, and the current owner is available to act as a consultant.
      Sea Duck hunting is done along the scenically stunning islands and ledges of Penobscot Bay, in a specialized sea craft anchored among a large rig of (in this case, hand-made..) decoys.
      There are many species of duck in this area: the American Eider, Old Squaw as well as The Surf, White-wing and American Scoter, and the hunting is terrific!
      All equipment, rigs and decoys, in perfect working order, are included. The season is 100 days long and the maximum of 4 Hunters per day pay $250.00 each. The purchaser will need a Maine Guide and a USCG license.
      The total price for this Complete Sea Duck Guide Service is $60,000.00.
For more details, call 207-354-6520 or e-mail seaducks@adelphia.net.
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