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the gun room • the new beretta teknys

The New Beretta Teknys 20 Bore
Is a Shooter's Dream!

      Doves fly furiously against an azure slab of Patagonian sky like bees from a hive hit by a baseball. A hunter steps among brightlycolored shells that cover the field like a plastic quilt as his gun slices the air like a maestro's baton. Cartridges are slammed into the chamber with the delicacy of a jackhammer and then fired in numbers that outpace the mind's capacity to count.
      Welcome to Argentina's wing shooting, where demands on the sportsman are equaled only by the stress on the gun.
      Although preferred because of reduced recoil, autoloaders can be susceptible to several problems resulting from the ravages of thousands of rounds of inferior ammunition. High-volume shooting of such rounds causes the build up of powder residue, which can lead to malfunctions.
      Another problem with lesser quality ammunition is that the cartridge may not ignite quickly or the powder may not burn completely. Gas guns work on a precise timing sequence; any slight deficiency can lead to flawed operation and sustaining such abuse can lead to gun damage.
      Beretta has built a new series of autoloading guns, the Teknys, that overcomes the negatives that plague most autoloaders during high-volume Argentinean wing shooting. The Teknys also is designed to set the highest standards for performance and elegance.
     The foundation of the Teknys is the gas operation system of the 391 Urika that features a unique gas cylinder and a self cleaning piston with an exhaust valve that

automatically expels the excess gas of the most powerful cartridges. This ensures the capability of shooting, without any adjustment, loads from light 3/4 ounce to the most powerful 3 inch loads.
      The exhaust valve assembly remains attached to the gas cylinder, allowing easy and quick disassembly and reassembly.
      The Teknys boasts a jeweled bolt and a streamlined deep-relief satin nickel receiver that is virtually impervious to scratching, wear and rust plus facilitates quick shouldering and target acquisition.
      An enamel inlay-green or blue, depending on the model-flows from the rear of the receiver to the top section of the pistol grip. Unaffected by age or temperature, the patented elastic Gel-Tek Recoil pad offers a polymer shell and a non-toxic inert silicone gel core that reduces felt recoil by distributing it over the entire pad surface.
      The stock is X-TRA Wood, a beautifully upgraded piece of semi-gloss walnut. It is specially treated for dramatically increased weatherproofing and scratch resistance, far surpassing the protective qualities of traditional varnish finishes.
      The Teknys comes with five color-coded extended 'Victory' Mobilchoke tubes made of anti-corrosion steel that can handle both lead and steel shot. Conveniently, these chokes are interchangeable with other Beretta automatic, S x S and 0/U Mobilchoke shotguns.
      The trigger plate is made of high strength fiberglass-reinforced technopolymer that has self-cleaning properties, high absorption of recoil

vibrations and, with a low coefficient of heat, is more comfortable to the touch in cold weather. The large opening of the trigger guard facilitates comfortable and safe use of gloves.
      The 12 gauge model offers an 8 1/2 ounce recoil reducing device that can be inserted into the stock. The 12 and 20 gauge models are available with 28 or 30 inch barrels and removable graphite ribs. The last refinement I will mention is that the barrel is fitted with a TRUGLO ® front sight luminous insert.
      Overall, the Teknys is a supremely elegant and functional shotgun that can flawlessly handle the most severe hunting conditions. It is user-friendly as far as maintenance, merits the highest confidence for reliability and provides the recoil reducing feature not found in other gun platforms without any compromise in performance.
      The Urika 391 has already become the gun of choice among many wing shooters in Argentina and the Teknys will surely add to the Urika's prominence.
      As I plan my trip to Cordoba and Patagonia this spring, finding the ideal gun has been both a necessity and a delightful journey. After shooting cases of shells on the skeet and sporting clays fields with the new 20 gauge Teknys, becoming educated about its construction and comparing it with other candidates, I'm confident I've found the gun for my adventure.

By Michael Sabbeth
Contributing Writer
The Double Gun Journal

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