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The Gazette
New wingshooting shows • new book on clays

HDTV to Produce
Series "Wingshooting
the World with
Chris Batha"

       Flushed with the success of the ESPN2 Show shot in Argentina this year, the producers have asked Chris to do a 13 Episode Series showing how best to shoot different species of birds all over the world!
      The TV shooting will begin in 2005 with Quail and Snipe in the Southern USA in February, then Red Leg Partridge in Spain in March, Dove arid Pigeon in Argentina in April, Francolin, Sand Grouse and Guinea Fowl in Africa in July, Driven Grouse in England in August, Ruffed Grouse and Woodcock in New Brunswick in October, Partridge, Pheasant, Duck, Geese and Walked-up Grouse in Scotland in November, then Pheasant, Sharptail and Prairie Chicken in The Western USA in December.
      If you want to be on National TV In High Definition, no less, check the schedule and join us on the trips they will be shooting! It will be a fabulous time and you'll get to see yourself shoot over and over again!

Chris Batha's New Book "Breaking Clays" is On the Way!

Book cover

After months of terrible toil, writing and re-writing, this long-awaited book on Clay Shooting is headed to the presses!

     The good news is that is will be printed in four color... the bad news is, not before Christmas! But it should be in hand for the New Year's rounds of Shows and Shooting Schools.
      Originally it was to be a compilation of all the articles that he has written over the last 15 years, but it quickly became evident that that was an overly-optimistic theory! While the literally hundreds of columns were used as reference, what has emerged is a compact yet comprehensive "workbook" for the Clay Shooter intent on getting those few more elusive targets.
      Liberally illustrated with drawings, photo illustrations, photographs, graphs and charts, "Breaking Clays" is sure to be a valuable addition to the serious shooter's reference library!

To place a pre-publication order for
an autographed First Edition at $35.00, shipping included, please call 866-254-2406 or
e-mail chrisbatha@aol.com.

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