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The Gazette
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The Mutterings
of a Hunter

     I have had the grand privilege of enjoying the thrill of hunting seasons for almost fifty years now. When I was a lad of 10, my mother trusted me with a .22 rifle. I fell instantly and incurably in love.
      I am unable to help myself. I twitch turn, tumble with joy. I fail to hold a demeanor acceptable in social circles ...mutter, mutter.
      I never tire of the anticipation. My stomach is churning with butterflies as I conjure the thought of yet another trip through the fields. I simply cannot get enough of this feeling.
     It is an elixir; a giver of one of life's greatest pleasures. It cures most ails. It defies all that is wrong in the world. Certainly, it is God's intention that we hunt.
      I dearly feel sorry for those poor and lost souls who fail to see what I see.


     They are forever lost in the den of the ignorant. Mutter, mutter.
      The fever gets worse ... my little
darling, Stella sits by me even now. She nuzzles me as if to say "Dad, how long? How long 'til we hunt again for real?"
      How long until I flush grouse and pheasants; swim out to fallen ducks and geese; smell the gun oil?

      Not long now, Sweetie. Stay near. I won't, I can't, go without you.
   Ah yes, the hunt. That effervescent deity bestowed upon us by a higher order.
      Have you ever wondered what it would he like to have missed all this? I cannot Fathom it. I cannot begin to understand how to could get along without it.
      But alas, I must be off. It is only a few weeks away. I have much to do. My goodness, what if I forget something? What if? What if? Mutter, mutter, mutter.
      Which gun will I use this year? By gosh, I have a few new ones. Oh, but what if I scratch one of them? I am not able to decide! What will I do? Mutter, mutter...
      Jim, oh Jim, wake up. Come to your senses. You are talking in your sleep. You are breaking out in a sweat. Your heart is racing.
      Long live the hunt.
      Mutter, mutter mutter.

By Jim Sarkauskas
The Muttering Hunter

Some Kind Words...

Dear Chris,

      Having taken a gun fitting session with you on April l7th,I thought I would let you know about the results on my shooting skills.
      I am eighty years old and questioned whether the fitting would do much good. How wrong I was! My shooting has vastly improved , in fact I was high man on our shooting team recently. I would recommend the gun fitting to anyone who wants to improve on their shooting.

      Sincerely, Davison Hawthorne


      Thanks for the shooting lesson yesterday. Although I've been shooting all my life, I can honestly say that I learned more about shooting in one day at your class than in all my other days of shooting combined. You have a great approach to teaching.

      Cheers, Kelly Land



A Unique Approach to the Instructional Video with Chris Batha & Bruce Scott

     Learn to follow your instincts with Chris Batha, Chief Instructor and Gunfitter and Bruce Scott of the Shotgun Journal. Their combination of classic wingshooting techniques and proven clay - busting tips is packed with technical and practical information.

      Churchill and Stanbury styles plus the three major techniques are demonstrated with the "EYE CAM" on the layouts, high towers and grouse butts of the Churchill Shooting Grounds, London, England.

For the Wing Shooter who shoots clays, for the Clay Shooter who hunts.

• The Instinctive Shot
• Technique Analysis
• Target Tactics for Wing and Clay
• Classic Styles
• The New Eye Cam Technology
• The Fundamentals
• Gun Fit
• Choosing Your Double Gun
• Buying a Pre-owned Gun
• Correct Gun Handling
• The Side by Side
• Loading

     To order your copy please send a check for $64.95 (specifying VHS or DVD) to Chris Batha Shooting Schools, 43 Pinckney Colony Road, Okatie, SC 29909-4100. Shipping is included.

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