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Wing shooting trips • High Pheasant • scotland's mixed bag

A Mixed Bag


     We are delighted to be able to offer some of the finest driven pheasant and partridge shooting in the world for teams of 8 shooters in the beautiful countryside of the Welsh Borders.
      The trip will involve shooting four days of 300 birds per day to 8 Guns on four different Estates. These Estates are all specially selected for their prowess in producing spectacular birds and their great hospitality.
       The shooting party will be based at The Bettws Hall Hunting Lodge, expertly run by Grn and Anne Evans.
      Each day the party will travel by Range Rover to a different Estate where they will enjoy fantastic shooting before returning to Bettws Hall for tea in front of the roaring log fire.
      The four estates are Bettws, Delbury, Brigands and Kempton. The first day is planned at Bettws to allow for a later start on the first day of shooting after traveling.
      We can then choose which of the other three shoots we go on to next. All three are renowned high bird shoots with Delbury and Kempton in the rolling hills of Shropshire, just over the border into England.

Cost per shooter: $11,840.00
Cost per non-shooter: $1,300.00

Prices Include:

• All shoot day costs
• Six nights full board accommodation at Bettws Hall, including wine, beer and spirits
• Bad weather cancellation cover
• Provision of all shotgun cartridges
• Transport from London to Bettws Hall and return
• Transport on all shoot days

A 50 percent non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place or places.

2004 Season
December - Monday 6th

2005 Season
November - Monday 7th - Sunday 13th
December - Monday 5th - Sunday 11th

      The shooting scene has changed with the passing of the years and though driven shooting still monopolizes the European sport, these trips are targeted to a full team of eight guns and even modest days can be prohibitively expensive.
      The past decade has seen an increasing demand for smaller-scale days for teams of 6 to 8 guns looking for a mixed bag of pheasant and partridge supplemented by the odd pigeon, rabbit or hare, cumulating in an evening duck flight.


Alternatively, the elusive woodcock or snipe can be walked up or even driven.

Scottish Rough Shooting

     This Rough Shooting, as it is referred to, is still the cornerstone of the average British shooter.
      Working the hedgerows and rough places with a dog or two, anticipating the clattering emergence of a cock ..."upping" with indignation as a pheasant is launched from its cover by an eager spaniel... the black bottle-shaped silhouettes of mallard or widgeon at deepest dusk... the scalping and erratic flight of a twisting snipe in its efforts to out-fly the hunter...
      These vivid images, etched into memories, will be recalled time and again. Such delights are fiercely and jealously guarded and not so readily available.

mixed bag

     I, however, am lucky enough to have, among my sporting acquaintances, a strong friendship with the owner of a wonderful estate in Scotland. Convenient to both Edinburgh and Glasgow, this estate offers some of the best shooting opportunities, both driven and walked up, in the UK.

The excellent shooting, combined with the superb accommodations and exceptional food, makes this the perfect lodge from which to sample the very best of mixed bags.

January 2005 • November 2005

     I have reserved three weeks shooting at this Scottish Estate in January 2005 and November 2005. They will be for teams of 6 to 8 guns and can be complete teams or single guns. Non-shooting partnets are welcome and excursions to Edinburgh and Glasgow can be arranged.

dogs and hunters

The reserved dates are:
January 3 to 8, 2005,

November 8 to 13,
and November 15 to 20, 2005

The trips will be of 5 days duration with 4 days shooting:

Day 1: Arrive

Day 2: Rough Shooting followed by Evening Duck Flight.

Day 3: Driven Day-150 birds.

Day 4: Morning Goose Flight followed by Rough Shooting.

Day 5: Driven Day-150 birds.

      Total cost for accommodations and shooting is $4,350.00 per shooter.

     The cost for non-shooting partners is $950.00 per person.

      This price does not include flights, transport, telephones or liquor.

      UK insurance, licenses and transport can be arranged at a nominal charge.

     The three weeks will be booked on a First-Come-First -Served basis and a 50 percent non-refundable deposit is required to secure your place or places.


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