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The Sporting Art Gallery
      We have been seeing some very outstanding and exceptional Sporting and Wildlife Art at the various Shows lately. Since not every one gets to every Show, we are featuring some of the artists and their artwork in this new section.
      The Art Gallery will be added to our website, wwwchrisbatha.com with links to the artists' website. If you are interested in any of the artwork in this Fall Edition, please contact the artist directly.


     Before we met Rock Wilson, we secretly thought he was a wrestler! When we met him and saw the beautiful work he does, we were even more surprised. He calls it "The Art of The Feather" and it all started with his passion for tieing flies. Some of his customers were so enamoured of the delicate flies he tied, they asked him to frame them.

feather art

     Then he began making designs with the feathers taken from birds that Wingshooters brought to him. "My wife won't have another stuffed bird in the house, but I know she'll love this piece!" is a common refrain.
      Every piece of Feather Art is as unique as the bird itself. Rock primarily does custom works, often using the feathers from a particular hunt that the customer sends him. The resulting art is both personal and distinctive.
      To contact Mr.Wilson call
231-947-2481, e-mail him at rock@chartermi.net. or see his art work at www.mymichigan.com under Gray Ghosts Designs.

Floyd Robbins - Wildlife Artist

owl carving

     A nationally recognized Wildlife Artist whose work is collected by individuals and corporations throughout the United States and Canada, he is best know for his dynamic carvings and bronzes of game birds and waterfowl indigenous to the Southeast.


     A keen shot and an avid Sportsman, his hours in the field, both as a hunter and an artist, are reflected in his exquisitely life-like creations.

Contact Mr. Robbins through Redfield & Associates at 843-757-4835.

Dann Jacobus - A Portrait of Your Dog

dogs painting      You are out in the field with your favorite hunting dog and, just as he goes on point, the sun slants through the trees and he is illuminated in a beautiful golden glow!
      Don't you wish you could have had a camera to capture that moment? Well, talk to Dann Jacobus! He has the uncanny ability to capture that scene and many others on canvas for you.
      His Dog Portraits are stunning in their authenticity and manage to "hold moment" while evoking the feeling that the action is only seconds away!

To contact Mr.Jacobus, call 845-986-1825 or e-mail him at djacobus@warwick.net.

You can also visit that his studio in Warwick, New York.

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