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in the gun room • famars poseidon over and under
and avantis side by side


     Master Gunmaker Remo Salvinelli of FAMARS di Abbiattico & Salvinelli has redisigned the traditional sidelock mechanism for two new innovative and revolutionary guns, the "Poseidon" (Over & Under) and the "Avantis" (Side by Side) Shotgus.
     The design is simple perfection, blending the modern detachable trigger plate mechanism and true intercepting sear sidelocks. Salvinelli has created the ultimate in strength and reliability, offering the swift lock times, firm hammer-fall and prevention of discharges of the

traditional sidelock, balanced by the size, strenght and ease of access for cleaning and mainteneance offered by the modern drop lock. These two new guns continue the tradition of excellence of the Famars shotgus and rifles.

      The Poseidon sidelock over and under has the lockwork configured on the removable trigger-plate. This design has many advantages. The prestige of a sidelock is combined with the strength of a boxlock and the accessibility of a droplock. It has intercepting safety sears that avoid the double discharge.
A forend hinge cover opens as the barrels drop, allowing a wider than normal gape to facilitate loading, therefore there is no groove in the frame. The Poseidon can have single of double triggers and it is possible to have two spare mechanisms, one with single and one with double triggers.
The gun looks extremely elegant thanks to its round and slim shape. Its mechanism is an outstanding masterpiece of engineering, very accurate in each detail, like a watch system. Available in 12, 16, 20, 28 and 410 bore, it weighs 7 lbs.-12 oz. in 12 bore, 6 lbs.-8 oz. in 20 bore.

      The Avantis is the first removable trigger group side by side ever produced. It is actually a hand-detachable sidelock that drops out of the bottom of the gun like a droplock. Unlike the Westley Richards, the trigger guard and the trigger assembly come out with the sidelocks.The bottom of the frame is full solid.
     It has intercepting safety sears that avoid the double discharge. All the parts are milled out from solid steel, the action is completely without pins and screws, adding more strength and reliability to the gun. It comes with chopper lump barrels, single or double triggers and it is possible to have two spare mechanisms, one single and one with double triggers.

     The gun looks elegant in its round shape and the mechanism is very accurate in each detail, like afine watch system.

     The Avantis is available in gauges 12 to 410, exclusively through Roosevelt & Drake - 207-436-5270 or email Lewis@drake.net.

Batha's Best Bits
Fitting Your Budget When Buying a Gun

      You get what you pay for in life. Nowhere do these words ring more true than in selecting your first gun or trading up. Always try to buy the best gun your budget will allow.
      If you buy a gun that is made of quality components, it will give you years of good service, stand up to a lot of shooting, be better balanced, with improved trigger pulls and reliable ejectors.

     The multi-choked gun costs a little more and is an individual choice, though it most certainly gives greater flexibility; especially
in the sporting disciplines.

      You do not have to break the bank to be a successful shooter! More competitions are won with good quality, entry level guns than with the expensive custom-made variety. I will take it for granted that any
gun you purchase complies with the Rules of Competition.

Excerpted from Chris Batha's New Book "Breaking Clays".

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