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Edition 4                                                                                                                                                                               Fall & Winter 2004-2005

The 2004 Fall Season is Underway

Chris J. Batha

   The opening days of this hunting season are here and guns, equipment, dogs and owners are in full cry!
      The senses are sharpened and appetites are whetted for new adventures and new destinations.
       In this edition we have an exciting mix of hunting opportunities worldwide that you may consider for this or upcoming seasons. Articles from a variety of contributors, news of the first Charles Boswell gun and the HDTV program "Wingshooting The World with Chris Batha", plus our regular columns make this an eclectic compilation which we hope you enjoy.
     Have a great season and shoot safely, shoot straight and shoot often!

-Chris Batha

Gunfitting Across America
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Clays & Quail Shooting School
Page  2

Argentina 2005 Dove & Pigeon
Page 3

CLA Game Fair, Partridge in Spain
Page 4

High Pheasant, Shooting in Scotland
Page  5

Charles Boswell, CBSS-FFL
Page 6

Famars Poseidon & Avantis
Page  7

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Tate Hammergun, Cole Gunsmithing
Page 9

Doug Turnbull, The Gun List
Page 10

Shooting Sportsman
Page 11

British Sporting Arms, Ltd
Page 12

Randolph Lenses, Arrow Laser Shot
Page 13

The Sporting Art Gallery
Page 14

HDTV and "Breaking Clays"
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Gunfittings Across America!

     This year we will be attending the The Dallas Safari Club Show, January 6th to 9th with Charles Boswell Gunmaker of London, England and bespoke Italian gunmakers FAMARS di Abbiatico & Salvinelli, followed by The Safari Club International Show in Reno, NV, January 26th to 29th.
    You will note there is a big time gap between these Shows, and this gives me the opportunity to offer Gunfittings Across America as we make our way across the country to Reno.
    We will be doing Gunfittings and offering Hourly Shooting Lessons on these dates at these locations. Gunfittings are $300.00. Hourly lessons are $160.00 per person for one hour, $235.00 for two people for one hour.

Dallas,TX • January 10th to 16th

The Dallas Gun Club 972-462-0043
Ask for Jim Tyrell

Santa Fe, NM Area • January 18th and 19th
The Ohkay Sporting Clays
Ask for Curtis Baude

Las Vegas, NV • January 21st to 23rd
Nellis Trap and Skeet Club
Ask for Fred Amerson

Memphis, TN • February 5th and 6th
Memphis Sports Shooting Assn. 901-867-8277
Ask for Jay Robilio

    This is your chance to make an appointment at one of these locations to get the custom gunfitting you have always wanted... the gunfit that can make a big difference in better scores and the number of birds in your bag!
    I use both Side by Side and Over and Under Try guns as well as a lasershot in doing a fitting. Many have asked what to bring and what to expect when they sign up for a fitting.

I recommend you bring eye and ear protection, the gun or guns that you feel that you shoot the best and the ammunition for those guns... usually 50 shells.
But the most important thing that you can bring to a gunfitting session is a good gun mount. It is difficult, if not impossible, to achieve a good gunfit if you cannot bring the gun to the same place, under your cheekbone, on a consistent basis. Many times a gunfitting session has had to turn into a gun-mounting lesson, to the dismay of both the fitter and the about-to-be fitted!
   The typical gunfitting session usually takes about two hours, beginning with measurements taken from your gun(s) to establish your individual requirements and a starting point for the fitting. Utilizing fully adjustable Try Gun(s) to the measurements I feel will work best for you; we will work together to achieve the perfect fit, proving and confirming it by live firing a series of shots at the pattern plate.
    Final dimensions are recorded on a duplicate fitting sheet; you will receive one copy and the other will be filed for my records and future reference. The final measurements can be used with confidence to get your own guns altered or adjusted to fit, or place your order for that new custom gun you may be ordering.
    To make an appointment for a gunfitting or an hourly lesson you may contact the location directly or call me Toll Free 866-254-2406 or e-mail me at chrisbatha@aol.com and let me know the date and place you prefer and I will set up a time for your gunfit or lesson.

aiming checking barrell pattern plate

If you would like a subscription to The Gazette,
              E-mail: sdgump@hargray.com                      


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Copyright 2004 Chris Batha. All rights reserved.